Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Doldrums...

I am still alive.
And I apologize for being silent and leaving you all in the lurch.
There has not been too much going on around here
and I have the summer dumps anyway.
The dumps are a mixture of being tired from hard work
and being bored from hard work and heat.
But, the turkeys are growing
and the other birds are fine and dandy.

This poor little fella is a Silkie that one of my
broody Silkies hatched out. We weren't set up for a broody hen and chick
and just didn't want to fight her about it..
so, we brought it in and gave it a giraffe to be it's mother.
I had chicks hatching in a day or two,
so it has chicken company now.
But isn't it too cute anyway?

There have been barn chores,
garden chores,
house chores.
My favorite and only feedstore is struggling right now too.
Purina upped it's minimum order to 5 tons
and my fellas cannot afford to buy feed anymore.
I called Purina and spoke to them; both national and regional.
The stiff shirts (even women can be stiff shirts) don't even have animals
and just don't understand how deeply connected a farmer
can be to the local feedstore. I love my feedstore guys.
I can be found leaning against the counter, drinking coffee and shootin the shit
at least twice a week.
I have looked around for an alternate provider for the feedstore
and one for me. I have had to drive to the next county for feed.
I hate big corporations and their distant cold heartedness.

I did some rabbit butchering today
and I promise to post pics tomorrow.