So... this is the main farm blog
where you can find out all about
the gardens and animals
and get some good recipes.

You can check out what I am up to
out in the yard and in the kitchen.
What works...
and what doesn't.
And what tastes good..
because if it doesn't taste good,
I won't share it.

By following the Traditionals link
you can find the blog all about
herbs and medicinals
and the history of herbs
and what herbs were used for
and by whom and when.

I will be experimenting and re-creating
the scents and fragrances
and procedures that our ancestors
used on a daily basis.
I am very intrigued with the idea
of re-discovering some of the old ways.
I hope someone else may find it interesting as well.

And I have a wee little shop now where you can order
some of the things that we use and the new things that
I discover on my journey.

And as always.. we welcome one and all!


  1. Its so good to see the progress you all have made on your farm, what a blessing to the world. We don't have a real farm, just a couple of acres, but we are also trying to go back to the old ways, using compost and manures for fertilizer, growing heirloom varieties in the garden, have our own chickens for eggs and bug control, honey bees in top bar hive etc. After four years of drought we have finally gotten some rain and things are green and growing again here in Texas. I'm wondering where you got the Amana Orange tomato seed....

  2. http://www.rareseeds.com/amana-orange-tomato/

    Baker Creek seeds. It is the only place I get my seeds. Good folks doing a good thing!