Thursday, August 15, 2013

Amana Orange Tomato

Now that's what I'm talking about!

I dearly love Amana Orange tomatoes
and I grow them every year.
They are usually the first seeds to germinate
and look what they produce in the same
amount of time as other tomatoes.

Just look at that!

And they are all like this..
big, beautiful,
sweet and tender.

And you would think that there would
be a ton of seeds and gel,
but no.
Hang on... let me go slice it!
I am using it for dinner tonight anyway.

Ok.. see?!
Only high up on the shoulder of the fruit
are there any seeds and
all of the rest is just gorgeous.

And when I slice it up and toss it into
the pan later, it will melt away like a
pat of butter.
Unlike some bigger tomato varieties,
Amana Orange is tender and mild.

If you ever wanted to grow an orange tomato
and you wondered which variety to choose,
Amana Orange is the one.
It does me right every year.
I didn't know what to expect this year
with the feet and feet of rain we have had
and the cooler temperatures,
but WOW!
It did it again!

I just love it.

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