Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ducks for you to see...

We has 'em.
And I figured I would give you
something to look at while
I work on the new blog
and store.

I took a wee bit of bread
out today and this is what happened.

And they are soft and fuzzy
and warm.
Except for their little feet.
They are sharp and pointy.
And that was only maybe
half of the ducklings that
reside here.
Crazy, ain't it?

Oh! Do you see?
I am covered in fuzzy duck babies!
Fuzzy wuzzy wittle duck babies!
If you wondered what true joy is..
you're seeing it.

And this is my Crack baby.

She is the one I handraised.
And now she is the Mother.
She hatched out a clutch of eggs,
but the other hens just started giving
her all of their babies when they hatched.
She has more than 30 wee ones
that she is responsible for keeping track of.
It's amazing to see her with a sea
of ducklings all around her.
She does a fnatastic job!
Gratuitous Baby Pics!



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