Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Apologies..

My dearest readers..
I miss you.

But I have a really good reason for being absent.
I have ...
Ok.. it is just me and a legal kitchen,
but it is still a bakery.

It is going very well, but the start up has sucked much of my time away.
And it means that there will soon be a
new blog addition filled with cooking and recipes and baking stuff.
So those of you that enjoy my recipes,
please hang on and there will a whole page just for you.

As far as the farm.. it still moves along.
The garden suffers from the heat,
but planting it in shade this year has done wonders.
My pepper plants are higher than my head.
The squash is done,
but I have new squash in the ground and growing.
The goat babies are growing as well.
Joker has his beard now.
Too weird. I am tempted to cut it off.
Chickens are good.
Turkey babies are getting big too.
And I am getting out of rabbits.
Yep.. no more rabbits for me.
I am a bit butcher shy since 'the incident' with my finger and the knife,
so I am waiting on a friend to come do a full butcher.
Everybody out of the pool!
We need the space that houses the buns for the new on site kitchen.
We are going to tear down the garage
and bunny house and rebuild on that spot. Someday.....

Until I get another free minute..
be well and make do.