Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Down Home.. they are..
the very last pics of the turkeys.

Monday the 16th is butcher day.

Not all are slated for freezer camp
and I will have some left for Christmas
but the majority will be gracing tables
on the 26th.
I am proud of them and count our first year
of heritage breed turkeys as a success.
There will be more turkeys..many more
as I have loved having them in the yard.
And I am a wee bit sad at the thought of
slaughter. They really are like large dogs
in their affection and loyalty.
Gosh! Aren't they beautiful.
I just love them,
but you all know that already.
And here are some bold new additions..
They are meat birds, broilers, that were allowed to mature.
I got them from a fellow farmer and will use them to breed
large, scrumptious meat birds of my very own.
I know they look like chickens, but believe when I tell you they are
something entirely different.
They are HUGE and heavy..oh my!
Once they are back up to prime form and good health
and start to lay I will toss in a few choice roosters
and see what we will get. I have great hopes.

Some of my younger birds are starting to lay.
Check out that huge egg on top.
That was her first effort.
Oh, the squalling from the laying box with that one!~
Poor girl. But no blood on the egg etc..
so it did no permanent damage.
What a way to begin...
Kepp an eye out for an entry about turkey butchering.
I am not doing, but a traveling butcher is coming
for the task. Good friend and great guy.


  1. How very fancy, hiring the butchering done!

  2. Oh yeah. We are fancy folks, dontcha know. BGut he has all of the equipment for large birds like turkeys and we just don't. I could do them all by hand, but I would have had to start two weeks ago.