Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkeys Are Done!

Isn't that just beautiful!?
This is Aaron Cookson from Red Dirt Ranch.
He is a dear friend who butchers
like an artist.
Many, many thanks to him for coming out
and making the day a breeze and
giving us a fantastic product.

See.. I couldn't have done this by hand
for love or money. Especially not with the great results the plucker gets.
A bird is done in mere seconds. Wow.

Getting cleaned up and ready for a wrap.

Ta Da!!!
Look at how nicely he did the legs.
You learn something new every day..if you are lucky.
All but 7 of the birds are done and those can wait until
The yard will seeem a bit lonely to me without my sweet boys.
I was very glad I could opt out of the deed itself.
It was a bit sad and usually I have no problem.
I really loved the turkeys.
I am very, very proud to be able to share them with others.
They will look wonderful as a centerpiece of a blessings laden table.


  1. Hi great site... is that a whizbang chicken plucker?

    Best regards, jbmaine

  2. Hi.. no, it is the real deal..
    A FeatherMaster 200 or something.
    It was a dream! Beats the heck out of the ten fingered plucker I usually use.

  3. your website was posted on the permaculture listserve. I am just starting out -- got an IOU from my husband to build a coop for christmas. Your blog was motivating -- thanks for sharing.

  4. Great plucking machine, I've often thought of getting one but we've got so much stuff already !

    I know what you mean about missing them, I miss our chickens when they leave too.