Sunday, July 22, 2012

After The Rain..

Now I am not complaining.
I wouldn't think of complaining.
How could I possibly complain about rain
when so many others need rain so badly?
In fact,
I feel kind of bad talking about rain
now that I have set down to do it.

But it rained.
And it rained quite a bit
over about a week's time.
I wasn't able to even think about the garden
because it is a bad thing to work in a wet garden.
I get disease enough without
inviting more.
And the weeds GREW!

It doesn't look it,
but some of those things are knee high!

So I attacked late this afternoon
with my handy-dandy,
old as sin.
literally held together with duct tape
electric weedeater
and 'made clean'.
That's better.
Much better.
I then went along and took
the pitiful chard down to
the ground that that it can re-grow.
Stupid pill bugs.
The rain was their open invitation to
devour my chard.

And you can see that my tomatoes
have the funk on the lower branches.
The rain just spread that stuff
right on up.
It won't be the best tomato harvest that I have ever had,
but I still have some tomatoes left from last year
so that's ok.

But the peppers are happy
and I took the opportunity
to whack back a lot of my herbs
that had bloomed and gone
so that they can bloom again.
Happy bees in the late summer with
fresh blooms to suckle.
They are going to need it.

And I think that does it for us
on the rain for a while;
maybe the rest of the summer.
Nothing but blue skies in the forecast!
(and heat)


  1. Congrats on your award from Little Homestead on the Hill! I'm glad to hear that at least someone is getting some rain. It's sad that the only way I can see green now is on someone else's blog. In my 42 years, I've never seen our lush Missouri landscape as brown and dead as it is now. It is truly scary.

  2. I love your name.. CrankyPuppy brings great visuals.. And we have been under drought during the summer for several years now. Brown grass, trees dropping leaves, cracked earth. But this time a front parked over us for days and we got some rain. Hopefully it will give the trees what they need to make it through August and September. Sorry about your area. So many are suffering and the brown devastation is hard on the heart.