Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Anyone wanna guess the weather here?? Hmmm? Do you???
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!!
That's right, folks. It is raining!
Please refer to the earlier post about the flood..
that is what it looks like now.. again.
The gulley is raging and there is water pouring through the woods in wide sloughs.
The sky is a dark as twilight and leaking... heavily.
The weather guys said we were in store for between 3 and 5 inches for today.
I wish it would save some of this rain for August.
We are in such a terrible drought here.
The past two summers the grass turned brown and I had bare patches in the yard
of just dusty dirt. It stayed like that for months. If it had rained I would have had deep mud everywhere, but grass is tough stuff and regrew when the temperatures lowered in the fall.
So.. I thought I would take you back in time.. or into the future...

It is a mighty warm day in early September.
Finally cool enough that I can hang out outside most of the day without having to hide in the AC until 5 in the afternoon. I have done some weeding and some picking and I have set out a few of my fall crops.
I have just come in from the garden with a bucket
brimming with tomatoes, peppers and beans for dinner.
In my basket I have a huge bundle of Lucullus Chard too.
My face is freckled and my hair is a mess under my widebrimmed hat
You know, the one with the chicken poo on the inside rim.

I have dirt under my nails and my back is sore.
I picked 8 hornworms this morning and the blister beetles have
yet to make their appearance.
The chickens are laying great and we are selling a ton of eggs
and the broodies are out in the yard with all of their hatches in tow.
I think I will set the bounty on the counter, grab a cold beer and sit in the shade and enjoy for awhile.

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