Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jinx !!!

I cannot believe I am saying this in public.
I am going to jinx it and mess it all up.
Or, I will be wrong and look like a fool, BUT......

I think DaintyPig is going to give us piglets soon.
The guy said she might be bred when we got her,
but we have seen no signs of her being bred at all.

Until today.

I did the afternoon feed and noticed she looked very round.
Very round, indeed.

Panic insued!!! I mean full blown panic!
She is afield!
She is a 'touch-me-not'
and cannot be caught or coaxed!
And the coldest nights of the year are bearing down on us.
Highs near 20 with hard winds and lows in the single digits with a windchill!
Nothing ever gives birth during a warm spell... ever!

Tomorrow, in the wee morning hours, Sweet Husband is going to
build a farrowing house for her in the field. He would have waited until Thursday, his next day off, but the winds will be howling and it will be miserable out and, the best argument from me..
Poor Sweet Husband!

So.. Piglet Watch 09 is in session!
Either that or I am a moron.
A panicky, foolish woman.
Though I did drag Sweet Husband over and we stared at her belly for half and hour.
He agrees that she suddenly looks very round. Very round indeed.


  1. Ummm... Whoops? Just think, little baconlets will be running around soon!

  2. uh... we want pictures! Now and later, when the little snorts get here...

    Hilarity at the Hennery.... hehehe