Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok.. I have 5 minutes...

This is Old Blue Sue.
She has been here since Thursday.
Which is why you haven't seen me.
She is sleeping in her crate at the moment,
so I can spend a brief moment with you before
running off to do all of the other things that haven't
been done since Thursday.
She is a very malnourished pound pup, but is eating well
and putting some meat on her bones.
I am feeding chicken and rice
with eggs, nettles and oatmeal until she gets plump.
Then I will add in kibble slowly and see how she does.
She does not have a happy tummy
which is why we are up every few hours throughout the night.
We are mightly impressed with her so far.
She is one smart dog and we have high hopes for her.
They' say that Australian Shepherds are great dogs
and so far, I believe it.

Sue is to be the replacement for old Gilda who
is really slowing down. She has some years yet,
but is only moderately effective as a farmdog now.
She sleeps a little too deeply.
Of course, for Sue to be a farmdog
she will need to get off the couch sometimes.
yes. I am breaking the 'no dogs on the furniture' rule...
but just a bit. But look at that face..awwww

I also have chicks hatching and my house is loud
with peeping and chirping and screaming.
11 chicks so far with a few more pecking out.
They are eating time as well.
I will let you see them when they are all out and about.
Very pretty so far...

The seeds aren't started and the house is a wreck.
There is laundry piling up and the kitchen floor!! Oh my!
And I haven't touched the new garden space in a week.
I have company coming next weekend and I have 6 days
to turn this sty into Better Homes and Gardens.
And I have no idea what is for dinner tonight.
So, off I go to make a dent in something somewhere.

Oh, and DaintyPig was just yanking our chain!
I think she held her breath all that day
in order to look very round so that we
would build her a stout and warm house.
Yep. Fooled by a small pig.
Stupid pig.
Smart pig.
Stupid people.


  1. I enjoy your blog. She is such a cutie! Glad you got her. ;) Wow, pups; chicks; seeds to start and visitors too?!? You're busy! Sounds like fun. :)

    ~Ashley (AKA: "Still Learning")

  2. She is a cutie! I love that look on her face. I am sure she will be a great farm dog. Those types normally are very intelligent!

  3. Hey I just had to check out your blog, I saw you on Homesteadingtoday (same name caught my eye), I apologize I know you were there first..LOL. Your new addition is sooo cute! Can't wait to hear more.