Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, Anna from Walden Effect has informed
me that this poor rose has Rose Rosette Disease.
Apparently it is a goner.

I know it looks none too good right now,
but this was a beautiful rose.
A Fragrant Cloud!
Truly. That is it's name.

The blooms are/were huge and a
vibrant, almost electric, pinkish orange-y bright sherbet color.
Just gorgeous. They seemed to glow at twilight.
Oh, and the smell! Filled the whole yard.

I have a thing about roses. I still have the first rose
that I ever bought. I have dug it up,
potted it in a 5 gal bucket and moved it more times
than I care to remember and across state lines.
I love, love, love roses.
I have a strange relationship with them
and in order to grow good ones I have to
follow strange rituals, but I love them.

For instance, I buy the rose in it's black pot
and bring it home. I prep the hole with compost etc..
and plant it. It does Great!! For about a year and a half.
Then I have to dig it up, chop it back to a stump
and pot it up in a bucket.
I plant it in very rich, almost pure, compost
and place it in a certain spot in my yard
that is sheltered from the afternoon sun.
I have to foget it is there and find it in the weeds
by the compost pile later on and freak out that I forgot it.
I must then begin to water it and it will leaf out again.
After it is full of healthy new growth I replant it in the yard.
And it will be just fine forever more after that...
unless it gets a disease apparently.

It that crap spreads to my first ever rose
I may just die along with it.


  1. I'm so sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings! I didn't realize you were a rose lover, or I would have broken it to you more gently. You might take a cutting of the sick rose to your county extension agent for a second opinion --- I've just been reading about the disease and am not an expert. There may be hope!!!

  2. No worries! Gentlyly receiving bad news doesn't change the fact that it is bad.
    I will survive.
    Luckily there is a mom and pop type nursery here that carries old timey, scented, real roses for $4.98 a gal. pot!!
    I mean, how can you jot stop in and grab a rose for $5?!
    I will get another Fragrant Cloud to replace the one I lost.
    It was a mangled mess, really.
    Burn pile was the only real cure!
    I am very glad you told me so that I could get rid of the problem, hopefully before it spread all over my yard!