Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now it is Really Spring..

I know I have waxed poetic
and becried the arrival of Spring
before now,
but this time I mean it.

And to prove it....
Aaahhh. My favorite.
Yes. I say this about
stinging nettles.
They are very good for you
packed full of chlorophyl and minerals
and calcium.
I eat them on pizza and in nettle soup
and I drink the tea of the dried leaves.
But not as often as I should.
Just be careful when picking them.
Long sleeves and thick gloves
are a must.
As soon as they are picked and begin to wilt
the sting is gone.
And if you are a cheese maker..
you can use the tea as rennet.

These are still a bit young to harvest.
When they are a few inches taller
the feasting will begin!

Does anyone have any idea
what is up with this rose?
It went all thorny over the winter.
It is serious.

And I have a seedling update.
They are up and growing.
The first this year was.....

Last year's Peacevine Cherry!

Followed by this year's Black Cherry.
The rest are coming along now too.

Spring green is everywhere.
It looks so pretty and fresh.
But I am not fooled.
It is all weeds!
Weeds! Weeds! Weeds!
I know I should be attacking
without mercy.
I should be pulling and yanking
and carrying buckets of them
up to the chickens, but
I just can't do it.
Not yet.

And I have new BUNS!!
I know it is hard to see, but they are camera shy as it is their first day out.
Smething got the last buns, but these are safely behind a fence.
We will be fortifying the pen as well.
So far I have seen 7 or 8!! That is a great litter!
I have whites and black and whites and grey and whites and a black one and a grey one!

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  1. I hope that you didn't really like that rose, because it is on its way out. It probably has Rose Rosette Disease --- http://www.ext.vt.edu/pubs/plantdiseasefs/450-620/450-620.html --- which is wiping out the invasive multiflora roses and making ecologists hoot in glee (but cultivated rose gardeners mourn.) If you have any other roses you like near that one, you probably should rip it out and burn it.