Monday, March 2, 2009

A Fine Feast On A Snowy Day..

Oh, you just don't know how you can miss it.
But, the soft fall in the dark made
me long to be further out and
away from civilization so that I could walk
and hear and be with no distraction.

But a fine feast was had from the roo
I butchered with you all the other day.

I rubbed the bird with butter and herbs and black pepper...
I used rosemary, savory and thyme and threw some sliced onion into the pot too.

And slow roasted him stove top in my big dutch oven,
browning him off in the oven at the end.
He was tender and moist and flavorful which is great considering his age.
Without the slow covered cooking he would have been quite tough and dry.
I served the meat with stuffing, spinach casserole and corn pudding.
It just don't get no better than that!

And here are the obligatory scenes of idyllic snow
joyfully given.

And the happy old dog...

And the very best part of snow...
NO SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even I was thrilled to skip the drudgery of the morning routine
and spend my time out and about beating the snot out of my kid with snowballs!


  1. The feast looks delicious!
    I'm sure y'all had a fun time in the snow--there's nothing like a good snowball fight!

  2. Beautiful! [and the snow was pretty too!]. LOL!

    Fat Boy looks SO GOOD - woohoo!

    But really, you gotta share those recipes.... yummy!