Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nettle Soup..

Though technically the nettles
weren't quite big enough....
I couldn't take it anymore.
And I had fears that I would have to wait even longer
for it was pouring rain all this morning.
But the sun came out and gave me a lovely afternoon.

You see above the nettle gear.
-Good gardening gloves.
These have rubber-like palms and fingers.
-Sharp scissors.
-A bowl (or a 13 gal garbage bag if you are really harvesting)
-Beautiful, succulent nettles.
Careful. Careful.
For the nettles do bite sharply and the feeling lasts
like a good kiss.
Except the nettles sting and burn and tingle
most unpleasantly.
Pick just the top few leaves.

As soon as they are picked they begin to wilt
and the sting leaves them.
Apparently after a good rain and while very young
and strong, the sting lasts a bit longer.
Ask my left thumb pad how I know. ow

My Nettle Soup

-chicken stock
-milk or cream

-Put a hunk of butter into your pot to melt.
-Roughly chop one onion and sweat in the butter
until translucent.
-While that is going peel and chop your potatoes
and cook them in the microwave or another pot.
(leftover baked potatoes are perfect for this)
-Add your stock to the onions.
-Trim the nettles' stems and roughly cut the leaves.
I use scissors for this and hold the nettles by the leaves
and cut away the stems and let them fall.
-Add cooked potatoes into your pot.
After they cook a bit I use the masher to crush them into the soup.
-Add nettles, a pinch of savory.
On salt... if your stock is salty, add to taste. I don't like
salt very much and only add it if absolutely necessary.
-Let simmer for as long as you like, stirring occasionally
to keep the potatoes from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
-Turn off heat and let sit a bit, then add milk or cream to taste.

It is very good and very good for you.
Nettles are full of minerals and calcium and chlorophyl.
They really are one of the healthiest things you can eat.

I served the soup with a spinach salad
and fresh baked herb bread.
(please, please forgive the obvious
bread machine bread.. I was busy.
Oh lord.. I feel like such a 'not-a-woman'
for stooping to the use of a bread machine.
But sometimes...sometimes dang it all
I don't wanna knead bread!)
Dinner was great tonight!!! I mean, really, really good.

And on an unrelated topic.. check it out..

Those gossamer threads on my holly shrubs are just covered with teeny, tiny baby spiders!
Go Charlotte's Kids!


  1. That dinner looks great. I remember getting stung by nettles all of the time as a kid. It never occurred to me that you could eat them. Of course, I used to like to eat most of my veggies raw...Guess that wouldn't work so well with nettles!

  2. I, too, have only experienced nettles by the sting... and I have several very persistant ones close by here in the yard.

    I, hereby promise to try both the soup and the tea.

    And quit fretting about the bread...
    Spring and all the work she brings with can cause even the sturdiest among us to take the easy way out... last week, I (GASP) BOUGHT a loaf of bread.

    dawn, who is going nettle hunting this afternoon.... now where are those gloves?