Thursday, June 4, 2009

Turkeys love bossoms!

My turkeys hatched the other day.
I have feed store turkey poults,
but these are the first from my incubator.
Apparently they imprint on a person.
Even now they stand and call me..
bee bee boo... bee bee boo... bee bee boo.
They will all rush to try to huddle under my palm
if I stick my hand in the brooder
and ho, the joy!!, if I pull them out
and give them the boob.
I wrap my arms around them and
lay my head on my arms and I have
7 little bodies just trying to snuggle closer.
Eyes close. Bodies droop. And little pink
legs go all akimbo.
And I softly say,' hi turkey'
which has the same three notes
that they call and they all say... bee bee booo
softly back and snuggle deeper.
I love my food.


oh and there are some Polish in there too.
I hatched those for other folks.
They do not compare to poults
who love their mommy.

ok. So I just had to go grab the

runt that wouldn't hush up.

So now I type with a turkey tucked into shirt.

At least it shut up.

And we had a mini tragedy today.

About 2 months ago we hatched a freaky little chick.

It never grew. Ever.

2 months old and exactly the size of an egg.

It never grew feathers. Just a teeny tiny chicken

that was a perpetual chick.

It was doing fine though and hanging with the bigger chicks.

Yes, I did put a little pile of food down on the ground for it as the feeder,

which is all of an inch high, was too high for it sometimes.

But today the teeny tiny chick's step didn't get put down

and the chick couldn' t hop up onto the brick and get

into the potting shed and out of the rain.

It got wet and chilled and that was too much for it.

RIP teeny tiny chicken.

We grieve for the little chick. It was so freaky and such a trooper.


And we are having duck issues.

I have ten left.

The snake ate one and I sold 7

and have 4 more to sell off.

But they have a great new pen.

It's huge. It's fancy. It is filled with lush green-ness and a little swimming spot too.

Ducky paradise.

True, during the day.

But as the sun falls the ducks want back into the potting shed.

And every night they squeeze out of the electronet.. well, most of them do.

There is one that is just a bit too big to make it through.

And so, there it sits, stuck in an electric fence.

I am going to sell that one. It is going to end up fried in the head.

Stupid, cute ducks.

We are studying and figuring and thinking about how to deal with the escaping ducks.

It is an annoying problem.


  1. what a great post, beautifully written. baby birds are just so hard to resist. sounds like things are cruising along over at your place. good luck with everything!
    oh- and i was drooling over the secret garden, how amazing and inspiring.

  2. I just LOVE your post..we bought a small place in Rural Quebec in April also needed a LOT of TLC..but we just loved it..I now have a lovely hen house..and today just hatched out 10 chicks in the incubator!! I am buying 4 fertile turkey eggs from another farmer..and hope to incubate them..any tips?? We Only have a half acre..but with careful planning..are already plaaning on a few Goats for meat..milk and cheese! I found out that goat meat is EXTREMELY healthy ( look it up) and to make sure we like it..we bought some loin chops at the market and marinated and BBQ'd them..they were delish! I expected them to taste like lamb..but they are closer to BEEF!! Feel free to cruise my blog and we can share tips on sustainable life choices..also..try the blog of the "deliberate Agrarian" He is COOL and has WONDERFUL ideas!!
    Thanks again!