Saturday, May 30, 2009

Damn Thing Ate A Duck!

So, I was walking past the pen
outside of the potting shed yesterday.
In that pen are about 80 chicks, 3 turkeys
and my precious, precious ducklings.
Ducklings grow very very fast.
Along the edge of the back of the pen
something caught my eye.
I took several steps backwards
and looked again.
It was a snake.
I went to look closer and saw the huge
bulge that denoted a digesting meal.
I counted the turkeys.
I counted the ducks..
I came up short.
I looked in the potting shed
to see if I had missed one.
I counted the ducks again.
And again.
I killed it.
I killed it hard.

Then I gave it to Simon to play with.
What 6 yo boy doesn't LOVE a snake toy?
(and I may have snuck up on him with it first)
The lump you see is the duck.
The snake had gotten into
the pen and, upon eating the duck,
was too big around to exit again.
I am still amazed the snake could swallow it.

If I held it up to the top of
my head, the tail would kiss the floor.
I am 5'5. That is a good sized snake.
I usually bag and rehome the non venomous snakes.
But it ate my duck
and I lost my temper.
And I don't care.


  1. I just realized after reading your post that I have heard this story and seen this cute little boy and his snake! I read your post on the Homesteading Today forum. I have been following your blog for a while, but just stumbled upon Homesteading Today!
    Great blog, BTW!

  2. Terrible when will we have any wildlife left. You should have moved the snake 10 miles away. You did not have to kill it.

    When we kill wildlife we kill ourself for we are all one. The snake and us are one.

    Why did you kill it. You never said. The snake was being itself. What if someone came and killed you for being who you are.

    I cry for the snake.

    I cry for you.