Saturday, May 2, 2009

Old Blue Sue..

I had a call for an Old Blue Sue update.
Well, here she is! And guess what...
She is half Beagle!
Or that is our nearest guess.
Her tail is a beagle-type tail that bends over her back
with the white tip.
And when she runs in the woods it is with
nose down and in a zigzag pattern.
She has topped out so far at only 23 pounds
and is very short and long.
We are a bit bummed
as we were hoping for a bigger dog.
And she has hit the teenage years and is a chick killer.
Not to worry though.
I have hopes that this is not that big of a deal.
When I catch her at it and give the command to "leave it"
she happily trots over to me and sits down.
And she doesn't bother the big birds.
We are getting her a shock collar
and hope that after a very brief number
of corrections she can be off her lead
if the little birds are out.
She listens to me just fine,
but won't listen to Sweet Husband
for anything. In fact, she gets really
extra bad when he is around.
We need to work on that.
She was nuetered this week
as it is that time. No troubles at all.
I need to work her more and spend more time with her
now that my back is better.
She is a lovely girl and very happy
and very good...for me.


  1. Wow - she's really cute. And absolutely unique looking! Hope you get the chick killing worked out - that's what we've been working on over here for 19 months now.. *sigh*

  2. She may not be exactly what you wanted BUT she sure is cute!

  3. She looks A LOT like my beagle mix. My beagle mix topped out at 25lbs, but she's the best dog! Now that she's older, she's calmed down a bit. However, her beagle nose catches scent of a rabbit and she's gone.

  4. Awwww, she's beautiful!

    We had a beagle/shepherd mix years back that topped out at... 65+ lbs. She was only SUPPOSED to be 35lbs or so. She'd belonged to a man in a wheelchair before my folks got her from the shelter. He fed her from the table. Her whole life she struggled with her weight.
    No, I take that back- she didn't struggle- we struggled with keeping her on a diet, lol! That dog could find anything edible, and if it wasn't edible, she'd eat it anyway.

    I hope you can work out the chick eating thing!

  5. Oh she is just precious! I have 2 beagles, my Old Man Boscoe and my Frilly Getting-Older Girl, Gigi.

    They are fab. But, they don't listen exceptionally well at all.

    Both really struggle with weight, of course I got them as older rescues. Boscoe was starved in a mass hunter pen so I have a hard time telling him no for anything.

    Beagles are the best...and a mix like her is bound to be filled with fun for you!