Monday, May 18, 2009

Ducks, Turkeys and Chicks..Oh My.

I have achieved Duckdom!
I don't like ducks, as a rule
but I am loving these ducks.
OMG! So cute!
I can't stand it!
The way they walk.
The way they swim.
The way they shake and twitch off the water.

Here you can see the set up in the potting shed.
There is a plastic pan with bread pans in it.
I won't be making meatloaf tonight.
There are stepping stones for ease of egress.
They are bedded on PINE NEEDLES!!
I am telling you.. brooding on Pine needles
is where it's at.
The hanging brooder light quickly dries
the pine needles, leaving the ducks with a dry
place to be.
The ducks are sharing the potting shed with chicks
and turkey poults.
There is a low divider wall with
steps on each side.
So, the other birds come to
stare openly at the ducks.
They stand in amazement
as the ducks swim and dunk and splash.
And thogh the ducks are but 5 days old now,
they fiercely attack the interlopers.
Kind of funny really to see little ducks
with rounded bills beating down
a big ol turkey poult.
I really don't think they
can hurt them, but they sure do try!
As more time goes by the ducks are
mellowing out and the battles are less intense.
But damn funny.

And here is the general population
side of the potting shed..there are over 100 chicks
in there. Wow! But all should be sold in
a few days.. all except the ones that hatched out
of those lovely dark eggs.... mineminemine!