Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Back Home..

I spent the weekend
back home in the mountains
of Western North Carolina.
And it was glorious.
The nights were cool and the days
were kissed with a cool breeze
though the sun was high
and the skies blue.
There were some showers
in the evenings and first thing
in the morning,
but that is the way
it should be.

Before the cloud..
Cloud is coming on...

In the cloud...

And the hanging mist
that gives the Smokey Mountains
their name..

While I was there I set a garden
for my relatives and harvested
some of the produce
that was ready to go.
Nothing, and I mean nothing,
beats rhubarb for sheer perfection.
I have a freezer full
and didn't make a dent in the
rhubarb patch.
And the blackberries are in full
and glorious bloom.
Come August that there will be some good eating.


  1. Thank you for sharing your trip. What beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh, so beautiful!