Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Secret Garden..

Well.. before you even look
let it be known that it is too rich for our blood.
Heartbreaking really.
However, we may still meet with the late owner's son
and look inside and see what is what.

I did find out about the lady who built the gardens
and orchards. Her name was Vivianne
and it was her life's work.
I really wish I could be the caretaker
of such a magnificent place.

I found a secret paradise.
It is for sale.
We are thinking about it.
It must have been owned
by a master gardener...

The 'second' house
from the side.
It has three rooms.
I don't know what is was...

One of the many hidden garden rooms.
There are paths that lead to these...

One of the many outbuildings

Just one small corner of the pasture

The orchard.
It is fenced in with 10+ apples
cherries, peaches, grapes.
There are figs on the propery too.

The biggest pecan tree.
There are many of these on the place
and many trees I don't recognize too.

One of the paths..
this one with roses.

Another hidden garden...

And all of the buildings are full of stuff..
useful, useful stuff.
And the house appears to be furnished.
I will keep you posted.
though I seriously doubt this will happen.
I hope someone gets it that will love it.
It has been empty and alone for quite awhile.


  1. OMG that is like paradise lost, then found by you! Seriously. I wonder if they were maybe nurserymen there or specialty produce? Either way, it looks glorious. And if it is haunted, it is probably by garden ghosts...wouldn't that be fab?

  2. Oh no! Too rich for your blood. Does that mean it comes with a commercial price tag to go along with the zoning? I'm so sorry to hear it. But don't give up till you are sure. It is a small paradise for sure.

  3. What an amazing place! Obviously it was once much loved.


  4. It's a lovely place Jen. I hope you can find a way to make it your own :)