Friday, May 8, 2009

Nothing in particular..

I'll start with what Sweet Husband
brought me in bed this morning.
Can we get an 'aaaaawwwwwwwwwww'!!
I mean really.. how cute is that?
and what a nice way to wake up.

It has been raining alot lately.
I have a boy child.
I do laundry.
I clean the tub.

I have a turkey!
And I have many more in the incubator too.
This one is a Spanish Black...I hope! I hope!
Everyone has the favorite critter, their dream critter..
a Spanish Black is it for me..
google it and be in awe!

Of course I also have 70 chicks in my laundry room,
more in the incubator and more on the way via
shipped eggs.. help.

And we have a peach tree!!

This was a twig sticking out of the ground when we bought

the place. We have mowed it down continously

every summer since then.

This year it got big enough that we could see what it was.

Woo Hoo.. a peach tree and it just happens

to be in the perfect spot too!! What a trooper.

Blooming coriander.
Also known as cilantro.
One of my favorite flowering plants in the garden.
It brings in beneficial insects by the droves.
Especially the wasp that lays eggs on
the tomato hornworm.
Last year I bet I found less than 20 all total
on my tomato plants.. go coriander.

Bumble on comfrey.

I have a story.

It does not cast me in a good light

and it is a painful tale.

Last year while weeding a garden..

son: ' Mom, you are sitting on a bee."

me: 'Son, if I was sitting on a bee I think I would know it."

son: 'Mom! You are sitting on a bee!"

So muttering about my crazy child I stand up to prove him wrong.

What do you know? I was sitting on a bee. A bumblebee.

That was promptly trapped deep between my ample cheeks.

It stung me most fiercely to show its displeasure.

I am here to tell you.. if you have never been stung

in your holiest of holies, your nether regions.. you just don't

know how spectacular pain can be.

son: 'I TOLD you you were sitting on a bee'

and walks away shaking his head in disgust

at my stubborness.

The jumping. The spreading of the cheeks.

The screaming. The cursing. Not pretty.

The ow-iness. The itching..oh, the itching...

Don't sit on bumble bees.

I have a deep respect for the humble bumble now.

And the strawberries are starting to blush!!

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  1. LOL, the bumblebee and then the strawberry! Now I am blushing too.