Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recent happenings..

My turkeys are getting big and beautiful!
I just love the turkeys. They are much better all around
than stupid chickens! As you can see, my love affair
with my 150+ chickens is waning.
I am having a big chicken sell off soon.
And a several big slaughter days too.
Viva the turkeys!!
And last night was their first night in
the big new turkey pen in the barn.
They are not happy.
But, they have to stay inside for a few days
to acclimate to the new digs if I don't
want to spend every evening having a
turkey round-up. And turkey round-ups
involve long sticks and ladders if I don't get out there
soon enough. Turkeys can fly, you know.

And here is Mr White! My free range buck.
His 'wife' is around somewhere too. But they will soon be caught and
penned. I know they are breeding, I see them do it.
But without a safe home I am not getting any of the kits
for myself and that is wasteful.
The barn sure will be lonely without them underfoot
and chasing the chickens off their feed. I love Mr. White.

And what is summer without the obligatory tomato pictures?
And the things that taste great with them...
chard and basil!

I do dearly love basil! And it grows so well here.
When I make pizza it goes right on the dough
snugged down in tomato sauce and baked in..
So delicious to have homemade basil pizza!
Oh, now I want one. I wonder if I could
convince the family to go for pizza again tonight?
And other than the basic day to day
running of the farm and the setting by
of food for the winter, not much has been happening..
We did have a house full of people last week
and that was nice. I love cooking for huge groups
of hungry folks.
The next few weeks will see some changes though..
butchering and selling will empty the barn out some
and lower our feed bill in preparation for winter too.
Hard to think about winter now, but it needs to get done.
Soon it will be wood chopping time...
It is coming...


  1. the Mr White phot is great! I almost expected himto tell me I was late for something..

    So which turkey will wind up ont he table this Thanksgiving?

  2. Well, I have about 20 turkeys..
    the one that will end up on my table is the one that looks the worst after butchering. It will be the one I mess up on.. and I hope that there is only one or two because the others are up for sale!