Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is the first really, really cold day of the season.

It wouldn't be all that bad out if not for the relentless wind.
And I can rejoice in that fact that the sun is shining brightly
for just a short jaunt up the mountain would find me in snow.
As I did a round of barn chores and firewood hauling
I realized that the fall garden was looking lovely and bright.
(if not a bit weedy)
Here's what's happening in the dirt today...
Let's do cabbages!

I love, love and love Savoy cabbages!
The rich color and those crinkles and furls.

This is cabbage-gone-wild. I threw half a cabbage head in the compost last winter thinking that the chickens would eat it as they are constantly shopping the compost for delectables anyway.
Well, they didn't.
And I found that cabbage heads will sprout little, cute cabbages from the folds in the middle.
So, I planted it.
And it went to seed.
I never got around the harvesting the seed or pulling the cabbage
and now I have a community of cabbages.
There are little side heads all over and a flock of wee little cabbages that have sprouted up all around the Mother. I am leaving this be to see what happens.

And this is one of those SUPER cabbages that are supposed to get to 20 pounds or so.
Simon received it from the feed store as a gimmee one day and I honestly kinda forgot about it.
Looking good though.
Soon, my sweet. Soon

I have a few other things in the garden now too. But today is cabbage day.
Edited to add that Sweet Husband just came in and looked over my shoulder as I was telling Simon that these were pics of our gardens.
Poor Sweet Husband said, "But those look like cabbages." in curious tone that seemed to imply that we had no cabbages in the garden.
Sweet Husband doesn't spend much time out in the garden.
At all apparently.

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