Monday, November 24, 2008


I went HOME
and I am longing,
to return again.
Mornings of sweet sorghum dripping down cornbread
and evenings of a table fitted elbow tight
and brimming over with laughter.
Deep nights in an ancient four post under quilts.
My being warm against the bitter cold.

My family has lived in the hollers
and coves of western North Carolina
for nearly 300 years.
Cool spring water fills my veins
and my heart sings the wind in high ridge trees.

It has been a bountiful year
with the trees bending with plenty.

So much bounty that folks just can't haul off, store or eat anymore.

And yet there is more still to fall.

Ancient tree
to bear so much.

The moss is green, but don't be fooled.
It is 12 degrees at 9am.

Steve's gate.
May God rest his soul.

And little wisps caught
dancing in the morning light.


  1. Hello Jen. How lucky you are to have this beautiful scenery every day.I'm from a city outside Detroit,--Royal Oak, MI. I found your blog on Homesteading Today. Joined Sunday,but I'm not approved yet to make comments. Signed on as xmasspirit. One of your posters at Homesteading, Wind in her hair, used to post at Trying to get a hold of her, to come back and visit us on the forums. If you could, please send her a message that Josie and the ladies at sampler would like to hear from her. Thank you. Your blog is now in my long list of blog favorites. JOSIE

  2. Good morning, Josie.
    And welcome.
    Regretfully I do not see this scenery everyday. I wish I did. I ive two hours down the mountain in the rolling foothills. It is nice, but it is not "home". I do go up whenever I get the chance.
    I will certainly send WIHH a pm to remind her about you guys at Sampler.

  3. Hi Jen, Thank you so much for the welcome, and your quick reply. I really appreciate you sending on the message to Wind. I envy all that live out in the country. Here in the city, not so many people are "warm and fuzzy" as I like to say. I keep waiting for the Leave it to Beaver families to come back. ;) Hope your and yours have a nice Thanksgiving.Josie

  4. I love your photos and poetic prose! So beautiful!