Sunday, November 16, 2008

In the beginning.....

there is a clamoring from the masses for pics! pics! pics!
And the masses are quite correct.
A picture says a thousand words and tells as many tales.

One of the main things that draw me to the blogs that I love are the photos therein.
I find that I look to them for inspiration, enthusiasm and the blatant theft of ideas.
I love garden pics, all green and bright in the morning sun. They fill me with promise.
The neat, tidy beds just brimming with the harvest gets my lazy bum up and out into my own garden to fluff the leaves and straighten the mulch.
The loaded larders and colorful jars all lined up perty-like on a groaning board quickens my weed killing hand.

And so I began to search the dusty corners of my computer for photos.
And I found plenty.
Most of them I realized could go in later posts and have a role in greater stories.
A few were really bad.
Some have yet to be taken.
But one stood out.
The best picture I have ever taken

So, without further ado...
The first pic in the blog......


age 5 days


  1. Too, too sweet!


  2. Oh what a beautiful pic!!!! That is an absolutely adorable baby!