Friday, November 28, 2008


It has been a week of celebration here.
Simon turned 6,
Marc and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary
and it was Thanksgiving.

And in honor of it all
the battle cats have called a truce.

If only to warm up on the 'catch all' chair by the woodstove.
Their peace is greatly appreciated
if not short lived.
That is a great old chair.
It came out of the old family home deep in the mountains
and has traveled from state to state with me throughout the years.
I have thought of trashing it,
but I always hope that someday I will take an upholstery class
and have it be the chair that I bring in.
But I bet the yards of red and gold velvet will cost me a fortune.
So, it stays
and catches coats
and cats
by the woodstove.

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