Saturday, February 7, 2009

Down the slippery slope..

And now I am at the bid and call of
little green life.
'water me, I am thirsty'
'my roots are tight'
I'm hungry'
'My feet are wet'
'I wanna go outside'
'It's cold. I wanna come back in'
I love seed starting, but I miss
my life.

Seed List 2009:

-Cow's Tit
-Paquebot Roma
-Amana Orange
-Abraham Lincoln
-Black Cherry
-White Queen
-Paul Robeson
-Cherokee Purple
-Peacevine Cherry

-Emp. Alexandre

-Chantenay red

-Rose Bianca
-Ping Tung
-Early Long Black


-Anne Arundel

-Fife Creek Cowhorn

-Half Long Guernsey
-Hollow Crown

-Jimmy Nardello
-Quadrato D'Asti Russo
-Quadrato D'asti Giallo

-Purple Plum
-Pink Beauty
-French Breakfast
-White Hailstone

Squashes: summer
-Z. Rampicante
-Patisson Panache Blanc et Vert Scallop
-Crookneck Early Golden
-Costato Romanesco

Squashes: winter
-Candy Roaster - Old school family handmedowns

-Birdhouse - Old school family handmedowns

-Di Fierenze

-several different mixes of lettuces
-Lucullus Swiss Chard
-Red Purslane
-Rainbow Lights Chard

-Green Comet
-and I can't remember

-Pencil Pod Wax (bush)
-Dragon's Tongue (bush)
-Purple Queen (bush)

-Greasy Grit (pole)
-Jimenez (pole)
-White Willow Leaf (lima)
-Turkey Craw (shelly)

-Early Alaska

I know that there are many more,
but I haven't gone through the
seed stores yet. sigh
I will update as time goes on.

I did start today though. It was a
gorgeous day.. warm and sunny
and I spent the day standing over the
chest freezer making plantings.

I started brocoli and chard and some lettuces.

The laundry room is lined with shelves.
Sweet Husband placed lights above each shelf
and it is a wonderful place to do seedlings.
The mounted lights heat the shelf above.

And I use the clamshells from the
salad bar at the grocer's. They make
little greenhouses during the beginning
and then when I open them, I can stack
the base of one into the lid of another.
I can also see whether the soil is dry
or whether the roots are getting
tight because the shells are clear
and I can see all that goes on in the soil.

And when the little darlings outgrow
the clamshells I prick them out
either straight into the garden
or into cups to grow more.

To prevent damp-off
I water only with chamomile tea.
It works wonders!! I never, ever have
mold or mildew or health problems
with my starts.
And when they get their second
set of little leaves I add
a hint of compost tea into my spray bottle.

And so it begins!
May we all have a bountiful harvest
and a full larder come the chill of winter next!
Oh!! I forgot something!
Celeriac. You know, that ugly root from
a few posts ago. I need to start those today!
I plant Monarch Celeriac!

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