Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Joy...

I just want to roll around nekkid
in them.. all of my beautiful seed packets.
Oh joy.
I do spread them on the table and run them
through my fingers though.
And no matter how complete my list,
without fail I notice something in the
online catalog when I order, add it in and then forget about it
so that there is a surprise in every packet!
This time it was Arumugam's Eggplant!
A lovely eggplant from India that
produces green white and lavender fruit.

And I splurged a whole $2.50
for Clyde's planting chart.
Now, I do have a great little planting time booklet
that I printed off the computer and folded into a book
and I like it very much all tied with it's red ribbon....
but Clyde's slides! It is all nifty and it slides.
It tells me how terribly behind I am in my seed starting..
Oh cripes.
I will never catch up since you cannot gain time
and time waits for no woman and other time related quotes
that serve to remind me that spring is coming and I have so much yet to do.
And speaking of spring, there was snow mixed in with the heavy
rain that pounded my windshield early this morning.
But we have the woodstove chugging and are warm and snug.

And speaking of snug...
Here is Old Blue Sue on her throne of barn gear.
She has a soft and comfy bed all freshly laundered and fluffy,
but she chooses to pull down smelly jackets onto reaking shoes
to sprawl for a daily nap.

Oh, and I have eggs hatching today. 3 so far.
Oh joy


  1. LOL Be careful of papercuts when you are rolling all nekkid..... LOL

    Oh, I'm trying to remember if I met you on
    I haven't been able to get on there in like 4 days, was wondering if you were having that problem also.

  2. I do not know if that is where you found me.. but that is where I live. I know you spend most of your time down with the horse folks. I don't hang there much unless there is an interesting topic.
    But I haven't had any trouble lately. I know that if I do sometimes rebooting the old dinosaur helps... and then I paint my nose green, spin three times counter clockwise while chanting Ring around the Roses backwards in Portuguese...
    hope this helps:)