Monday, February 16, 2009

The sprunging of Spring..

Even though it is the middle of February
spring has sprung here in the
foothills of the mountains.
Both inside and out.

My lettuce is growing, but that is no feat
what with lights and warmth,
but outside things are just
as enthusiastic to get going.
The honeybees are buzzing my winter honeysuckle.
And if you do not have winter honeysuckle in your yard...
go get some!! Now!!
There is no sweeter scent in the world
and to have it in the winter months
makes it all the more decadent.
And have no worries,
it is no vine, but a polite and well behaved shrub.

And the quince is coming right along.
Within a week my bush should be covered
in bright, lively blooms.

And the weeds are in full bloom as well.
I love the light purple haze that covers my whole yard
that False Nettle gives.
And I am not sure what the delicate little blue flower is
but I love it too.
And even the tree frogs are peeping at night!
Oh, I wish you could all smell and hear my yard
these days.
Though I know it is only February and there is
plenty of cold weather to come, I cannot help
but get itchy to hit the garden..
But, it is still winter and if spring is really here..
it is the End of the World!

And my Great Grandfather's Bee Balm
is starting to rise! A true harbinger of spring.
When the sun hits this patch of green,
even in it's young stage, the whole yard
is infused with the heady, lemony, musky
scent of bee balm!

I love this bee blam and have never seen any like it.
It blooms a bright deep red and the top one
third of the stalk and stem turns so dark purple
that it almost looks black.
Just lovely!!
Perhaps a give-a-way is in order for my
wonderful followers!!
Happy Spring To All..

Anna from The Walden Effect blog has informed
me that the spry little blue flower is Speedwell!
Thanks, Anna


  1. Your little blue flower is a speedwell.

    Looks like you're a couple of weeks ahead of us! I'm jealous. :-)

  2. I've been checking in and reading your blog for a little while now. I must say you have an entertaining way of writing, and I very much enjoy it.

    We still have about 2 feet of snow on the ground where I am, but the sun is shining and it hit 40 degrees today so I am hopeful spring will come soon. Enjoy that beautiful weather!:-)