Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Skies

Doesn't the sky look ominus?
There is a front blowing in
and I have seen actual snowflakes!
I could almost count them,
but it snow is snow and I
shall not quibble over the amount.
I am hoping for a wee bit more snow
through the dark of night.
And if I were in the mountains.....
I miss snow.
I miss the quiet sound of snow on the pines.
I miss the heavy stillness of the woods.
I miss the deep feeling of aloneness
that comes with a walk through the empty forest.
I miss the patterns and swirls of the creek
flowing onward under a skin of ice.
Oh bother.
We aren't to get any anyway.

I caught a rare pic of the tree dwelling panther
that lives with us. Bishop spends almost
as much time aloft as he does curled
deep into the feather mattress of my bed.

And behind this door
I have kits.
Sweet Husband spied them out in the yard this morning
and gave a great groan bemoaning the fact that now
we have two free ranging rabbits and their offspring
and a garden coming.
I had to go investigate.
The silly little things led me right to this door.
Sweet Husband built the rabbit door for my
first meat rabbits. There was a lovely pen
as well, but when the two buns dug out
we dismantled this communal rabbit colony
and moved them to escape-proof digs.
Then Mr White escaped and then broke his favorite
doe out as well. Prison Break 07.
I have enjoyed them in the yard
and they have grown fat and sassy on chicken feed.
But when it came time for Mrs. White
(who is a broken chinchilla color)
to make her burrow, Mr White led
her back to his old home and she dug
a wonderful burrow in the hardpack dirt
of the old smokehouse.
To save my garden and to corral
my footed feasts all we have to do
is reinstate the old pen. Fantastic!
The kits are just lovely too.

And in preparation for the next wave
of bitter cold and gale force winds
I ahve hung a second heat lamp over the
chicks in the potting shed.
There should be plenty of heat and plenty of space for all.
Cross your fingers that at least we get enough
snow to cancel school tomorrow. I would
love to sleep in and spend the day curled on
the couch firming up my seed order.

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  1. No fair leading us on, then there's no bunny pics...?!

    p.s. Snow is over-rated.