Sunday, December 7, 2008

As I said...

It is an ugly little chicken.
But gosh he's cute.
And little! Oh my.

He is a Blue Crested Polish.

I got him from a friend over the
Thanksgiving weekend and he spent
all of time until today in with some of my rabbits.
Very confused and vaguely concerned rabbits.
He is in now with my other Polish birds
and I hope they will make sweet love
and give me more little ugly chickens.
And if you think he is ugly now.. you should see
Polish chicks. Wow!
See, I usually go for the very large breeds,
you know, the ones that you can hardly lift,
and I do not go for 'cute' birds.
'But', you say, 'I saw Silkie pics.'
Well, yes, you did.
But they are strictly utilitarian as broody hens. (This is what I tell myself)
That and they make my husband smile.
And because they make my husband smile and he takes a special interest in them
they do not have to live in the barn with the rest of the chickens.
Oh no!
The Silkies get to live in the potting shed/well house
in glassed-in splendor and comfort.
But the Polish are only yard candy.
There is no use for them at all other than
They make me smile!
And my husband thinks they are the ugliest things he has ever seen.
Go figure.. differing taste and all.


  1. Polish chicken? I thought about saying he was cute on your Friday post. Now after seeing a close-up of him, I just have to tell you, I think he's BEAUTIFUL. His head reminds me of 80's rock band hair ;) Josie Royal Oak, MI

  2. Chickens are addictive! I think he is actually cute too! Now, normally I would not think so but here lately for some reason, they all are cute!

  3. Cute chicken! I once met some of those "purely ornamental" chickens in Australia and thought what a good idea they were for pets! (I'm sure my hunting dog would agree.) They had their own little wooden house and wandered about the yard... too funny.

  4. I find it humorous that your rabbits were the ones who were confused and concerned. We put a batch of chicks and three young rabbits out in our "chicken tractor" of sorts this past fall, and the results were amusing.

    Chicken herding, as it were. The rabbits were far too inquisitive for the chicks' liking, which resulted in great sounds of disconcertion from the fowl and ... well... great sounds of laughter from me. ;)