Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A thought..

"Winter is the season in which people
try to keep the house as warm
as it was in the summer,
when they complained about the heat." author unknown

This is probably a true assessment.
And guilty as charged.

But, damn!
I am cold.

I don't know what it is about today,
but I have been freezing.
I sit here now shivering
and my wee digits are icy.
My legs are cold to the touch.
(I am guessing on that one because I am not about to touch my legs with my wee digits of ice.)

I have no reason to be cold.
Upper 40's with bright sunlight here
and I know that a mere hour up the
mountain they are once again
under snow cover.

Perhaps it is the crisp dryness to the air.
Perhaps it is the nippy little breeze that dances
the leaves all about.
Or maybe it is my warm and generous heart that makes
the rest of my being feel so cold by comparison.
aaww! how sweet.

It could be the old house with
no insulation.
At all.
The leaky old single pane
windows that don't fit in their frames.
Maybe I should blame the ancient
woodstove with gaps
and leaks of it's own.
Did I mention no insulation?

What is that I hear?
Why it is my darling husband with
a load of wood.
Oh joy.
Perhaps an actual fire
in the old fire box would warm
and comfort my bones.

But so would getting off my heinie
and accomplishing something with my day.
Early evening.
The dinner begs to be prepared
and laid upon our groaning board.
The roast is happy in it's crock,
but lonely for vegetable companions;
tucked into a roasting dish with herbs
for light chatter.
I forgot to look for parsnips
while I was out.
Carrots and potatoes
and onions and garlic
and celery.
Maybe a green bean or two for color.
Thyme and savory,
I spilled all of the rosemary down the stove eye
on Thanksgiving. Smelled good though.

And so I am off.
Please wish me warmth
and a pleasant evening.

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