Monday, December 1, 2008

Inter-species cohabitation...

Now, I don't know how common it is at other folks' places,
but there is a lot of inter-species cohabitation
going on here at The Hennery.

This here is the infamous PigPig.
You will get the details of his infamy
on some rainy day when I want to do something other than work,
but suffice it to say that he shares his double stall with
a dozen hens.

It is an opened topped stall and the hens can depart anytime
they choose by just hopping over and flying down,
but the silly birds prefer to stay in the stall with
their crazed porcine leader... PigPig.
I have ceased to wonder why.

Here you see the "Barn Bun".
He is my largest white buck from my meat rabbit collection.
He learned to dismantle the fencing of his pen
about a month or so ago and has been living "free range"
around the place since then.
He comes a running to the barn when he hears the feed cans opening
and then bullies all of the birds off their feed.

He is a friendly guy that still comes around
for scritches and loving.

I attempted to lure him back to captivity
by putting his favorite doe
out in the pen.
Worked like a charm!

Until he broke her out and taught her
the joys of living wild and free and beating up on chickens.
I now have two free range rabbits that must be captured and contained
before I have many, many, many rabbits running amuck.
They don't call 'em rabbits for nothing.

And yesterday I mixed a few more together.
I got errr.....
well, bless him
he's just an ugly little chicken.
And I put him in the rabbit room with my three remaining captive rabbits.
Aaahh, karma.
He chases those buns off their feed.

Never a dull moment around here.

and I really like the ugly little chicken,
but don't tell anyone.

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