Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sing with me..

'It's the most wonderful time of the year..
When the catalogs come
and the dreaming's begun
Oh- It brings me such cheer!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!'

I have been running to check the mailbox everyday for two weeks
waiting breathlessly for the good catalogs to come
and Finally!
Baker's Creek has come to live with me again.
Ooooh. And they outdid themselves this year.
what a beautiful catalog!

Let the list making begin!
And the garden plotting!
And the hoping..

Soon to be followed by the seed starting and the careful tending
as the new life pokes it's little wee greeness from the soil
on my laundry room shelves.

And I also hope that each and every one of you
had a wonderful Christmas this year.
It was a good one here
with gorgeous blue sky and warm temperatures..
and I wasted the whole day inside doing holiday stuff. Drat.
But now it is back to being cold and rainy.. AGAIN!!!
It has been dreary here since the 'flood'.
The sun came out once, but it never got above freezing that day
so it doesn't count.

Back to holiday cheer..
I received a wonderful gift from Sweet Husband.
a WMA player thingie. (think Ipod like contraption)
Our library system is hooked up with an online
library of audiobooks I can download for free
with my library card!
Just think... any audiobook ever right at my fingertips!
And it holds music too.
The barn was never so nice as it was yesterday doing chores
while Otis Redding and Millie Jackson belted it out in my ear!
I couldn't even hear the chickens!
Now that, my friends, is a great gift!

A belated Merry Christmas to all!!!

This topic is being covered more in depth in the 'comments' section.. feel free to join in! Input is welcome and opinions noted:)


  1. Hey, my moms BF is in that catalog.It is about 4 pages from the back on the right-hand side. The page is mostly b/w with a man with a white beard and a big hat. that is him! I am (almost) related to someone who is slightly famous.

    Baker Creek did a nice catalog this year for sure. Too bad I have not had the best luck with their seeds, they dont grow out 'true'...YMMV, though.

  2. Bummer.
    I always circle all of the seeds that I want and then end up getting most of them from other sources for trade.
    But this year we are expanding so much that I fear I will have to purchase seeds.
    I also use SSE, Abundant Life and Peaceful Valley and Seeds of Change. Well.. ok. Use is to strong a term, but drool over and subscribe to. But I do actually order quite often from Horizon Herbs.
    How goes it with them??

  3. I dont know about Horizon , but the others are all good. I also like Territorial.

    Years back, I had some friends who worked at SOC, and were regular visitors. Our job was to help 'harvest' the seeds. This involved eating the hearts out of truckloads of melons and spitting the seeds into the properly marked buckets. Talk about gluttony!

    Whenever I open a melon seed packet I always wonder if it has been in somevbodies mouth. LOL