Thursday, December 11, 2008


Check it out!
We're flooding!
I know I sound happy-ish
but that is because it is nowhere near the house
It is all in the deep gulley that separates
the woods and the yard.
And to think
we were going to fill that deep gulley in!
Thank goodness for laziness and procrastination.
Notice that the water is dangerously close
to the building in the photo.
That is the old smokehouse building
and is not in use for anything,
Please also note Sweet Husband in the corner.
This may not look like a big deal,
but the gulley is at least waist deep on me.

And this is water just pouring out of the woods.

This scene is repeated every few yards along the length of the gulley.

Sweet Husband has been into the barn.

He says it is not pretty. I am sure that there is standing water everywhere.

I am not going to the barn today. I would just cry.

We have had inches and inches of rain

and it is still pouring down.

And it is supposed to continue to pour down most of the night.

We shall see what becomes of all of this.

We haven't seen rain like this around here since 2004

they say.

And certainly not since we bought the place June before last.We just had no idea!

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